Earthcoin wallets

To obtain and store Earthcoins (EAC) you need a wallet. You can choose from several options.
Please be aware, that there is not recomended to store your coins on an exchange account.
Only the coins that are kept in your wallet, to which only you know the private key, are really yours!
Always test the downloades wallet with an antivirus software before the first usage!
Do not use any other builds than those of the official repositories.

PC version for Windows

Based on the operating system of your computer, you can use 32-bit or 64-bit version. If you are not sure, use 32-bit version.

Version for an Apple Mac computer

Version for a Linux machine

The suggested way to obtain the Earthcoin wallet for a Linux machine is to compile it from the source code.
You may also use the prebuild binary for Linux x86-64 bit (Debian/Ubuntu), but you can experience some missing shared libraries issue.

Paper wallet generator

You can store you EarthCoins offline in a paper wallet. Keep your paper wallet on a secret place. Lost paper wallet means lost coins stored in it. There is no way to recorery your coins if you lost your private key. This is an upgraded version of the paper wallet and can generate legacy Earthcoin addresses (starting with "e") as well as new types of Earthcoin address (starting with "E" or "eac1"). Paper wallet generator is safe, private keys are generated on the client side and they never leave the user device.