Earthcoin exchanges

You can buy/sell some Earthcoins (EAC) at several cryptocoin exchanges. Please, keep in mind, that you should not keep your balance at an exchange account for a long time, except the case you intend some speculation trades. After a trade, you shloud withdraw your funds from the exchange to your own wallet as soon as possible. Only coins to which you own the private keys are realy yours!


Novaexchange is my prefferred exchange for trade Earthcoins (EAC). They cooperated with the Earthcoin comunity in the plan to recovery the Earthcoin network from the 51% attack in the middle 2017.
Now you can trade Earthcoins (EAC) at Novaexchange for Dogecoins (DOGE) or Mooncoin (MOON).


AEX ( is a global and professional Digital Asset Exchange Platform. Including informations, exchange and financial services. It also provides Digital Asset Exchange and Blockchain technology services. It is operated by Bit World Investments Limited. Through the professional management team, strict capital management system and considerate service, Since its establishment in 2017, we have gained a good reputation in the industry.
You can trade Earthcoins (EAC) at AEX for Bitcoins (BTC) or CHNCoins (CNC).